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General Forum Rules


- Insults to users or to the staff are not allowed.
- No swearing.
- Don't make requests for download and streaming.
- No post links or works protected by copyright
, even for free content only links to its official website are allowed.
- No post links to other sites / forums unless they are news sites, or games / software official sites
- However, it is prohibited anything, including links, about warez.
- No post / talk about topics about pornography, pedophilia (the complaint snaps) and racism.
- Do not use avatars that depict nudity or vulgarity, or anything that may offend someone's sensibility (in the opinion of the Staff) or with psychedelic colors/light/animation.
- Don't flood (write too many post continuously) but change the previous message with the appropriate EDIT button below the message itself. The messages written within an hour will be automatically merged.
- If possible, write in Italian without abbreviations.
- Write uppercase equivalent of shouting, so avoid as much as possible to do so.
- Before you ask for something in a topic, read the previous pages, to avoid asking the same things over again.
- Use the Search button before trying to ask for something, maybe it's already been told.
- Do not spoil (anticipate movie event, anime, manga, etc ...) without the specific command, that is the "eye" button on the editor's toolbar, or

[spoiler]insert your text[/spoiler]

- It's forbidden ask to become Staffer or Vip outside of the special thread to propose as Staffer / Vip. Users will still be promoted by the staff, chosen based on their commitment and behavior.
- Don't use the first message to ask questions or requests. The presentation in the section "Welcome - Introduce yourself" is NOT mandatory for new members, but it is good manners to do it.
- Please do not make excessive and incorrect use of multiple accounts per user (such as teasing or continuous users to re-inscription after many ban)
- Don't spam by PM.
- Don't link to sites that offer "free account" or any other kind, the staff of NoDownloadzone assumes no responsibility in the case of deception and / or scams.
- The markets and all types of sale
outside the special section are prohibited.
- No edit / emptying your post massively; to damage the forum in this way involves the ban.

They are basic rules as a reference point, obviously to be followed in respect of all of us, the netiquette, the individuals and the entire community.

The staff reserves the right to modify these rules, add or remove unnecessary without notice, those who break the rules can be resumed and, at the discretion of the staff, measures could be taken, from a simple warning to a permanent ban.


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